Be it is anything when comes to search something doubtlessly you peeps choose default browser. But take a look at the time and data swiped by your trustable one. Of course, it’s countless if it takes huge data even for visiting a site means eventually you alone out of data before the day gets the end. So it is great to have an alternative browser. In the middle of million UC Mini is the one that stand apart from the rest. It is truly meant for browsing and you will witness so many features and flexibilities that fall on this browsing platform.

Are there any features make UC Mini different?

Why not? A lofty of facets is readily accessible to help users to offer comfy and convenient browsing experience all the time. Stare here,

Faster browsing:

  • More or less browsing speed of the UC Mini browser is unmatchable. Of course, it cannot able to see in any of the browsers. It will get change based on your searching content in most of the apps. Alternatively, no such things are in UC Mini.

Night Mode:

  • Obviously, it is wholly new, none of the browsers think of your health but it does. It has been in-built with the night mode browsing. Thus whenever you start to browse in the night it will protect your eyes from getting frustrated.

Default downloads manager:

  • It helps you to organize your downloads in the best way

Full screen:

  • You know you can browse things by changing window into full-screen. So you feel great while watching videos.

Data compression:

  • An amazing feature that safeguards your data from getting wasted it will out right compress data in the occasion of searching.

Incognito mode:

  • In order to prevent your private browsing from other eyes, it is accessible.

Cloud system:

  • No need to use your device storage since you has cloud storage aspect.

Pop-up restrictor:

  • Most irritating things while browsing is ads and pop-up. This browser has made a proper step and offering you default blocker. Thus you will be saved from getting such things.


  • It offers up to 6 GB of memory space in the cloud in that 4 GB is temporary and 2 GB is of permanent memory.

Easy access:

If you clicked the browser then you can witness the availability of quick access including Cricket, News, Social Media 9apps,vidmate app and many more.

How to download and set up UC Mini?

As of now, UC Mini is available for all the devices like Android and iOS. Thus it’s been your choice to pick the source file.

  1. First and foremost you want to download apk file of UC Mini
  2. You can make use of the Google Play store and then search for it
  3. Once you get then knock on the file to initiate the installation process
  4. When it get set up then it is all fine to start browsing

Make use of UC Mini to enjoy fast and seamless browsing. No matter about the content you can sense quick browsing.