How to download UC mini browser in Android

Below are some steps which you need to follow to download UC mini browser in your Android mobile.

  • Open web browser or google Play Store
  • In Google Play Store you have to search uc mini browser.
  • Now tab to UC mini application in Google Play Store install.
  • You will get pop-up notification of third party installation from unknown resource tab to trust the application.
  • Your UC mini browser is ready to use in your mobile application.

Download UC mini from main site

  • To download UC mini you need to connect your mobile via Internet.
  • Now type in your web browser.
  • You will get a list of download links of web browser of different mobile company in mobile section go to the mobile name of the company and start downloading application.

How to download UC mini in iOS

  • To download UC mini browser in iOS you need an interface.
  • Go to iOS store and type uC mini
  • Now tab the link to install in your iOS device

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UC mini browser download 2019

UC mini is a mini sized and one of the widely used browsing software which is available for all the users of android absolutely free of charge so they can easily download it is just few seconds in their concerned devices. One of the best thing of this app is that it consumes very little space of the device of the users in their device because of its mini size package file and you can easily install it from the 9apps store which offers a wide variety of apps and games to the users worldwide.

In this article, we are going to discuss about the new or the recently added features of UC Mini app which will be added in the year 2019 in order to make this browsing app much more better, smoother and convenient. As you all know that UC mini is used to browse the web and surf the internet at a faster speed and also to save the data pack. This browsing app comes with so many interesting and exciting features which you will never find in any other browser and this is the reason why it is so popular nowadays and the best part of this app is that it gets updated after regular intervals of time in order to ameliorate its existing features and at the new ones.

There is one update which is yet to come in the year 2019 and in that update, you will find many new and interesting features in the browsing software which not only helps you to browse the web or surf the internet at a faster pace but also enable the users to perform several useful and major tasks and this is the reason why UC mini is known as a full fledged browsing software despite of coming in such a small package because in this browsing app, you will find each and every feature of a browser..

So, what are you waiting for? If you are searching for a browsing software to download in your device then just click on the header or footer options of this app and get this browsing software installed in your android directly from download 9apps through APK

Mission of uc mini

Since the beginning this group focus on better mobile internet to billions of user. They have started in 2004 and now their service reach to 14% of internet user worldwide. Their products are mobile browsing service, platforms to distribution of free apps and games, web traffic. The amazining thing about ucmini is that it support 3,000 different models. Uc browser has gain the position among the top third party mobile browser. And it also get 1st position in India and china. Soon it will capture number one postion in Indonesia for mobile browser service provider.

UC browser mini is a free Mobile browser which is also available for Desktop platform, is owned by Mobile Internet Company UCWeb. UCWeb is a part of Alibaba, a well-known Chinese company. Officially launched in April 2004, which is available for almost all mobile platforms including desktops. This is the only browser which is available and downloaded in almost all the smart phones across the globe.

Due to its demand, UCWeb has launched another version which is a shadow of UC browser, by the name of UC browser mini. UC Mini has been categorized as one of the fastest browsers, in comparison to the size with lots of add-ons. As per the tradition which has been maintained by UCWeb, UC Mini APK is for free and can be found easily in all operating systems.

About ucmini

Uc  mobile browser was developed by the Chinese company Alibaba Group which is many deals in mobile internet services. Ucmini are compatible in following platform Android, Windows BlackBerry, iOS, Java ME, Symbian, Win CE and windows based PC.

Information of UC browser mini App

  • File: UC Mini APK
  • Version: 10.7.8 (101)
  • Android Version: 2.3 or above
  • Rating: 4+
  • Size: approx 2.8 MB

UC Mini has all the traits from UC browser, as it has all the distinctive features for which it has been awarded as the best browser. This browser is optimized in such a way that whenever we type in or search any page, it will compress the website. In other words, if we have opened Google search on any other browser, it will open it, while consuming 5 MB of data. With UC web browser, the page will be displayed with 2MB of data usage.

UCWeb has also launched UC Mini app for mobile devices and can be downloaded on any operating system. With the speed provided by the UC browser, any selected video or music will start downloading after the click on the download link.

Some of the best features of UC Mini Speed

This is the best and the only reason why UCweb browser got the head start in the competition with Google and Microsoft. Well-known browsers from Google and Microsoft are in the market for quite a long time now and we all have used them at some point in time. Nobody wants to see the buffer that happens while playing or a long wait to download anything from the browser. With UC browser, things will change as the difference can be experienced after the first use. The speed by which the applications can be downloaded will be mesmerizing.

Inbuilt Download Manager

UC browser Mini has an inbuilt download manager by which we can manage all downloads. Everything which will be downloaded using UC mini will be saved under the manager and can be altered by wish. So if you don’t want to keep any video or music, just go to the section of manager and remove that file from the list.UC mini download is easy to manage.

Full Screen Mode

There are many browsers in the market that lack the full-screen mode. While playing videos in the browser, we do get some options which can’t get removed as they are provided by the source. With UC Mini browser, we can hide all the options and can play any video on full-screen mode. This is another interesting feature that comes with UC mini download.

Night Mode

UC mini has an inbuilt Night mode, which enables you to use it while there is not sufficient light and it will not affect your eyes. Many other browsers don’t have this option and we tend to use our smartphone while in bed. If you use your phone regularly at night for reading and browsing, this browser will make your eyes feel relaxed and comfortable.

Incognito browsing

Incognito means not to leave any trace and to do browsing in the private. Google chrome was first to introduce this special feature and later in Firefox. It is a special window which you need to open before browsing in these browsers. UC Mini came with this feature and can be activated through the drop down option in the browser.

Data Compression

UC browser mini APK uses data compression technology by optimization for faster web browsing. Many websites consume a lot of data before getting displayed on a smart phone or on the desktop. With this browser, the data which is consumed is far less, and data compression reduces data consumption while browsing the internet. It is therefore claimed that for fast download, APK is the best option available with no second thoughts.

Own Cloud System

Cloud computing is the latest technology which has changed the view of the storage system. With this technology, users don’t need to be worried about the storage available in the devices, as they can store everything in the cloud. UC Mini uses its own cloud system in which data can be stored from anywhere and can access it from any device. It is protected from any malware, as it will be protected by username and password. They also use cloud boosting technology which allows faster loading of web pages.

Pop-up Blocker

We avoid downloading any third-party browser on our smart phone or in our desktop. The sole reason is all the browsers are packed up with unlimited ads. Whenever we browse through these browsers, pop-up ads will start blinking on the screen, as they are the part of that browser. UC Mini for Android or Windows has Ad Blocker that prevents the ads from popping up whenever you are browsing through any website. This is the plus with this browser, as it will allow users to go through the browsing without any disturbance.


It is a part of cloud computing, as it will allow more storage when you are running out of it on your device. The user has to login to UC cloud, and you will have your 6 GB of free storage. 6 GB is further divided into temporary and permanent. 4 GB of temporary storage allows you to store your data for temporary time and 2 GB is being allotted to the user on a permanent basis. Anything which is stored in 2GB never is changed, unless the user wants it.

Quick Access

The quick access feature allows many recent notifications of around the world. The user can choose from many options of notifications of News, Cricket, Social media, and much more. It is also backed up by the Google search tab, which allows quick search option for different content.

Recently UCWeb has joined hands with Taiwanese Multinational Company ASUSTek, as an official web browser with all the smartphones designed by the company. It will include smartphones, tablets, desktops etc. UC browser Mini is most compatible with Asus smartphones, as the user can open 20 windows at the same point of time without any glitches. All the qualities which are mentioned about UC Mini are present in the browser like Download management, Cloud Download, Quick Access etc. With UC mini, fast download is feasible with no waste of time.

For all the above mentioned amazing features of UC browser, install and experience it to believe it.

One great benefit of using UC mini is that it also has UC News app. UCWeb has begun a successful venture with the development and the improvement that they have shown in the field of web browsers. UC browser and UC Mini browser are the most successful browsers which are downloaded and used by millions of active users around the globe. UCWeb has started a new revolution with the launch of a new application by the name of UC News: Trending news for Android devices.

UC News will bring the latest news from around the world and it is available in two major languages English and Hindi. There are thousands of active users of UCWeb applications in India, so this special application which is a gift from UCWeb to India. UC News app all allows you to get latest breaking news and daily trending stories on technology, entertainment, business, live cricket, sports, etc.

Specification of UC News App


Size: 3.4 MB (approx)

OS Requirement: Android 4.0 or higher

Category: Utility

License: Free

UC News has its own server to collect the biggest and trending news from the nation and categorized them into different sections. There are more than 20 channels which will help you to get the important news updates. As this is the product of UCWeb systems, it will help you to consume fewer data and works as fast as expected from UCWeb. The optimized app will work in the background. Whenever you are not active on the home screen of the application, you will get the latest updates. This is also the must have application for Android users, if they don’t want to miss any update.


How to Download UC Mini app

  • Click on the in your Android smartphone.
  • After that download 9apps and then search UC mini apk.
  • There will be the list of the related searches.
  • To download, click on the icon of UCMINI which will redirect the page to the homepage of the application.
  • On the homepage, there will be the description about the application with the reviews and comments by the users across the globe.
  • Click on the Install button. Once you will click on the Install button the application will be downloaded to your smartphone depending on the speed of the network.

UC mini for Android has been ruling and maintaining its hold on the internet users. Browsing websites on smartphones can be tedious and time-consuming. With this wonderful app that ensures faster download and browsing speed, the user saves time from the lags which usually users come across.

UC web mini browser can be downloaded from 9apps too. This app store is being used by users quite often for its reliability and options of apps that can be downloaded. Google Play store and iOS App Store are given tough competition by this store. Now with UC browser available on this app store, this app is trying to prove its niche in the field of advanced and updated technology. This UC app on 9apps store allows you to download a smaller version of the browser for smoother browsing when compared to PC.

So what are you waiting for? With such cool and amazing dimensional features of UC mini app, one can’t resist from downloading it. After all, it is a world ruled by technology and to be on top of the game, you need the best available browsers that make your work accomplish faster and with not much of wait. It has been considered as one of the best browsers available with ample of options that a user can choose from. With the effectiveness of the UC web mini, fast download is peerless owing to its higher degree of efficiency that won’t be found elsewhere.

Download UC browser mini APK now for an experience that you have only heard of till date.

Feature of UC browser mini

There are several features offered by this app that distinguishes it from other ordinary softwares used for browsing and surfing. Let us now take a look on some of the main points-

Cloud acceleration and special data compression technology is used by this app so that you need not to look after proxy software or server.

Night mode protection is given to the users so that your eyes do not get strain while reading the content or browsing the net in dark or at night.

Users can load the web pages in a really fast and speedy way by using this app.

Data saving feature enables you to consume less data usage while you are working on the Internet that you cannot believe on it when your data consumption lowers down at an incredible rate.

This amazing and superb application works perfectly even in low data or Internet connection and allows you to download everything that you wants to get in your device.

Ad-block feature is also provided in the app so that you need not to worry about the boring and annoying advertisements.

In order to speed up or boost up your download speed upto 200%, you can use UC Mini.

Online video streaming is also enabled by this app. In addition to this, the browser has additional video player service also.

Users can go into or switch to Incognito mode to make their browsing secret and private.

Along with the above mentioned features, UC Mini has several other miscellaneous features like cloud download, QR code, free disc, save page, text only, full screen, data usage, check Network and many other exciting and useful features.

Users are even allowed to download this application in their low storage capacity or low end specification device in order to avail its benefits. Even this lightweight browser is especially useful to users of Android device with lower specs and less storage space, but still packed with great features because it gives you a great browsing experience in a tiny package.

Pop up blocker feature is one of the best feature of this app, with its help, you can block popups, ads, banners and ad videos. Incognito browsing mode enables you to search without any track and gives you drill time private browsing experience without leaving any history of browsing.

By using gesture commands, the user can control video progress and adjust the volume.Many miscellaneous features are also offered such as cloud download, QR code, data usage etc. This amazing tiny browsing software is one of the most popular browsers because it saves more than half of your mobile data for free that makes it one of the efficient browser also.

Voice search feature is also given so that one can instantly search and find the answers to those questions by using the magic of Google Voice and search anything without typing. By switching to the intuitive gestures, you can open as many tabs as you want and also flip through them by swiping from side to side on the toolbar.

Font size can be adjusted according to the preference or needs of users and The user interface of this browsing software is clean and smooth that enables you to get access to your top localized sites.

If you are genuinely looking for some smooth and great browsing software for your device in order to enjoy the fast browsing, surfing and downloading experience then you can also download this amazing and super useful tiny sized browsing software in your device by typing on the header or footer options. By doing so you can directly install this Mini browser in your device from 9Apps through APK and after that you can enjoy it anytime and anywhere on the go..