UC mini for windows 7 Free downloads

All over the world, someone is discovering the power of UC Mini Browser on their PCs or laptops. What makes it more powerful and accessible is the fact that it is compatible with Windows and can be easily downloaded in Windows 7. This will help you browse the Net and surf it at extremely high speeds.

On the other hand, Windows 7, a highly reputed PC operating system, a product of Microsoft works well with UC Mini Browser. Its enhanced performance makes it a good match for UC Mini Browser. Since this software package is small in size, it can be easily downloaded on the Windows 7 platform.

This product, made in China, works as fast and speedily as it does smoothly. No wonder it is seen to be among the best of the line of UC Web’s products.


  • When downloaded in Windows 7, UC Mini Browser is an accelerator due to its intuitive interface.
  • Just as Windows 7 is seen as a major success for Microsoft, similarly UC Mini Browser, which is a tiny package of UC Browser, is seen as a huge turning point for this company and one of the big drivers of its success.
  • This combination of UC Mini Browser and Windows 7 in your laptop or PC gives you a new dimension in browsing the Net and surfing. This is due to its many upgrades and innovative features that widen the scope of this software package.
  • Its client interface is very appealing, easy to understand and use, and very tiny. It is also well-maintained so that no bugs appear in it while you use it seamlessly.
  • UC Mini Browser can be downloaded for free instantly. With this software, a PC user can browse at an unusually high speed without any break in downloading or distortion.
  • Together, the UC Mini Browser when downloaded on the PC helps the Internet connection perform multiple tasks simultaneously. You can also download this software into your Windows 7 or 8 since its compatibility is already established.
  • UC Browser Mini for PC also does not take up much storage space on the computer or laptop since its size is about 2 MB, which is very low compared with others. It comes with an intelligent download manager and loads pages in the smallest size possible. From this, users can say that not only are they conducting a search on the Web but saving enormous amounts of information.
  • The UC Mini Browser is lightweight and readily available in the market. It is highly recommended for PC and laptop users for surfing, browsing and quick and easy downloads.
  • It also has numerous elements that help reduce the use of information.
  • Due to its exceptionally fast speed, the UC Mini permits its clients to load any webpage by selecting most suitable adaptation of it.
  • Among the most amazing features of UC Mini Browser on your Windows 7 platform include playing full-screen video on the Web, performing multiple tasks, and cloud downloading, among others.
  • With each page being reorganized well before they can be opened, they end up looking normal, even though they are opened in a small size of software. This reinforces the virtue of multi-tasking downloading and browsing operations, which are two great elements of the UC Mini Browser application for Windows 7.
  • Whatever the UC Mini Browser can perform on the Android mobile version, the PC and laptop versions can also do, only with a larger mouse and much bigger screen.
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These are the capabilities of UC Mini Browser when downloaded onto Windows 7:

Video play: By using UC Mini Browser, we can directly download video, which does not affect or slow down your browsing speed or performance.

Pop-up blocking: When browsing the Net on the UC Mini Browser, you can use the Pop-up blocking feature to block out all advertisements. By doing this, you will see only those sites that you have opened and are interested in.

Search history: When you conduct a search on the Net, all the related details of your search are entered automatically into the History folder. From here, you can delete all the details regarding all your search activities on the Net or just the relevant one.

Smoother operation:

By using this feature, you can easily browse your favourite site or document.

Preload: As you key in your keywords into the search bar of your browser, your page will begin to load and the content you seek will be before you.

Save images: To save the images that you download on UC Mini Browser, click on the relevant images and keep your finger pressed on it for a few minutes. Automatically, they will be saved in your computer system.

Reopen page: In the event your page crashes or shuts down or your computer system shuts down, don’t despair. All you need to do is to reopen your browser as usual. Automatically, your crashed files will be recovered.

Speed Mode: With this feature, users can load any site page really fast by selecting the best fit of that page.

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Night Mode: Using this feature, users can view the UC Mini Browser even in a darkened environment without affecting the eyes. This works well particularly if you don’t want to save your work in History.

Incognito Mode: In this mode, users can browse for as long as they want absolutely invisibly. Again, this is a good alternative to not saving your downloads in History.


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