UC Browser for Samsung phones

UC Browser is a web browser which is owned by the Chinese mobile internet company UCWeb which in turn is owned by the Alibaba group. This browser is a leading mobile internet browser with more than 400 million users across 150 million different countries and regions. This browser is currently available on all major operating system and in 7 different languages. This browser is compatible with Samsung phones. This is because Samsung is operated by Android which is a leading operating system of all mobile phones nowadays.

Samsung is the world’s largest company as per the revenue reports issued in the year 2009-2012. Samsung is a South Korean multinational brand which deals with marketing electronic products globally. This is one of the leading mobile company in the world and in India, almost 70% of the population uses mobiles of this brand. For all the Samsung users, there is only one leading web browser and it is UC Browser. The leading browser has developed a mini version for themselves which is known as the UC mini. The UC-browser-free-download-Samsung-mobile/ has a compatible id which is suitable for almost all leading operating systems of all mobile companies.

Features of UC and UC mini Browser

This number 1 browser has several features which contribute to making it the leading browser of all times. Let us look at some of the features now:

  • The browser has a customizable homepage called cards where the users can access all the contents. It has in-app widgets which are basically the ability to display all the widgets on the home screen of the phone. The in-app widgets can also be manually sorted as per the user’s own liking. They can also be customized as per the user’s liking. The users can also rearrange the in-app widgets in the order they choose. There is a wide variety of cards to choose from such as headlines, jokes, top sites, trending videos, shopping and much more.
  • It also has the cloud boost technology which uses the UCWeb’s servers to provide fast loading for the users. The users can choose to enable or disable the feature for both mobile and web. However, the advantages of cloud boost are most effectively seen on mobile networks. The effect is present over Wi-Fi as well but not as prominent as it is over mobile data. Nevertheless, it would be more effective if your Wi-Fi network is slow too but if it already is fast, you won’t see much of a speed boost.
  • The UC Browser has an integrated download manager of its own which is quite advanced. The user can do a whole lot of things like the maximum number of simultaneous downloads, specify the target folder and choose whether or not they wish to be prompted before a download is started. The user can choose to enable or disable auto recollect for a file download in case the download fails. The user can also enable or disable the downloaded file notification on your notification bar.
  • The UC mini Browser automatically removes and fixes web bugs in order to provide better browsing on the mobile. The most amazing feature of this browser is that it comes in a tiny size and it gets installed on Samsung devices pretty smoothly.
  • UC mini also has inbuilt themes which allow the user to customize your Samsung mobile as per your liking. The user can choose from a wide range of themes like FIFA, wallpaper, model, etc. The problem related to the right page issue is also fixed and now the user can visit the page by typing and there is no need to worry about moving to the wrong page.
  • Coming back to UC Browser, the download page provides a quick status about the storage in your device. It also updates you about the status of the file already downloaded and also the running files. The video downloader provides the facility to download and save videos for viewing offline.
  • It has a very great feature known as ad blocking. We literally hate ads, don’t we? Just imagine the pain when we are watching something interesting or important and suddenly an ad pops up. Annoying right? This browser saves you the frustration. It prevents ads from loading on websites as well as any pop-up ads that may try to come up. Users can take a look at the number of ads that have been blocked in total as well as the number of ads that have been blocked from each website. The users can even choose to reset the statistics if needed.
  • The most useful feature of this browser is probably the quick access feature. This feature allows the users to have a persistent search bar along with shortcuts to their social media accounts, newsfeed, camera, etc. The user can customise the shortcuts as lee their liking.
  • It supports various gestures which makes browsing much faster and easier. The user can swipe right and left to go backward and forward respectively. The user can also increase and decrease the brightness by swiping up and down on the left or right side.
  • The browser has add-ons which isa very exclusive feature on Android mobiles. This basically allows them to install add-ons to your mobile like you normally do on your PC.
  • It also recommends the best and the appropriate sites for several topics such as fashion, games, entertainment etc.
  • It allows lightweight user experience and relieves the user from frozen apps. It allows the user to have fast and seamless web browsing where search results appear instantly, with quick access to socialization, web search and entertainment.
  • The uc-browser-free-download-samsung-mobile/ apk has a special cricket feature for cricket fans. It provides live scores and results when searched for it.
  • It has a unique feature which is known as the Facebook Mode which accelerates your Facebook regardless of the status of your network. Always find a way to increase the speed of your network.
  • Another unique feature is the night mode. The user can switch to night mode in this browser for more easy and comfortable reading at night.


To conclude is to say that UC has made itself popular with a large number of features and benefits. With each new version bettering the previous, UC continues to climb up the ladder to its zenith. Their customer experience has been great and is becoming better with the launch of every new version of their products. Quite reasonably, this is one of the most-used browsers around us now.

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