UC Mini Browser 7.2 Android Free Download

UC Mini Browser Version 7.2

UC Browser is a very lightweight browser for all android, IOS devices, and windows mobiles. It comes in a small package and therefore it is a cult favorite of all the users when it comes to browsing. It is a tiny sized browser so it works on smartphones which do not have huge storage space available. UC Browser is a web browser which is owned by the Chinese mobile internet company UCWeb which in turn is owned by the Alibaba group. This browser is a leading mobile internet browser with more than 400 million users across 150 million different countries and regions. This browser is currently available on all major operating system and in 7 different languages. Fortunately, this browser has launched its mini version which is compatible with all the leading operating systems of the smartphones.

Key features of UC Mini

  • This browser comes in a very tiny size which gives the user experience of smooth installation on their devices. Despite its small size, it provides a great browsing experience.
  • It provides fast browsing experience and also relieves the users from the problem of frozen sites. This feature saves both time and data usage.
  • This browser further has the feature of smart downloading which enables the user to download multiple files at the same time. It also provides background downloading and there is an auto-reconnect feature in case the downloading fails.
  • This browser also provides the unique feature of the night mode. The user can switch to night mode in this browser for more easy and comfortable reading at night.
  • It enables the user to have ad-free browsing experience by functionally blocking ads. It prevents ads from loading on websites as well as any pop-up ads that may try to come up.
  • This browser has the browse incognito feature. This protects the privacy of the users in order to disable browsing history and web cache. This mode enables the user to browse through the web without having to store any private information which could be retrieved later at any point in time.
  • It provides a better layout. The web pages of the sites are carefully formulated and optimized for better experience on smaller screens and mobile devices.
  • This browser also has the feature of navigation cards which allows the user to customize their homepage as per their liking. There is a wide variety of cards to choose from such as headlines, jokes, top sites, trending videos, shopping and much more. The users can also arrange these cards according to their own wish.
  • It enables video controlling with a gesture which makes watching videos much faster and easier. The user can swipe right and left to go backward and forward respectively. The user can also increase and decrease the brightness by swiping up and down on the left or right side.

UC Browser provides safe and secure browsing on your devices and not only this it also assures the user that browsing will not harm the system of the user’s device.

File Size

Developer:- UCWeb Inc.

APK file size:- 1.68 MB

Requirement:-  requires an Android Operating System.

Key Factors

  • UCMini provides a great browsing experience with its increased and optimized speed quality. It also has the advanced search option by which the user can search quicker and faster.
  • UC Browser also has the push SMS feature will allow the user to share several things of the internet over an SMS. This feature is beneficial for every user who wants to connect with their family and want to keep them updated about every event in their lives.
  • This browser has the intelligent feature of hiding a mobile number which makes it easier to visit WAP sites conveniently.
  • It has the built-in email feature which supports Gmail, Hotmail and much more popular email service providers which enable the user to read email messages and view attachments on their mobile phone.
  • UC Mini allows the user to save their favorite webpage contents on their mobile phone. It also has the clipboard option available which allows the user to copy and paste URL and text easily and conveniently.
  • The download management feature allows the user to enable or disable auto-reconnect for a file download in case the download fails. The user can also enable or disable the downloaded file notification on their notification bar.
  • It has the multi-windows function which allows the user to view multiple web pages at the same time in one browser. This enables the user to have a quicker and faster browsing experience.
  • It supports user-defined text size and row space for convenient personal preference of the user. This browser also has a user-defined shortcut key which allows the user to access their favorite webpage by using the quick access feature. It is easier and more convenient. The user can set any webpage or folder as per their liking to any number from 0-9 or can also use a combination of #+number. Pressing these keys will take the user to their desired page or folder instantly.
  • This version also supports screen rotation which adjusts the screen for a broader view.
  • This version has inbuilt themes which allow the user to customize your Windows mobile as per their liking. It also has a wide range of in-built wallpapers which can be used both as the home screen and lock screen wallpapers.
  • It has the backlight brightness adjustment feature and also the user-defined backlight timer.
  • This browser also has the picture intelligent optimization display which allows the user-defined picture display mode to be set by the user’s personal preference. It also has the zoom in and out support.
  • This browser has the Ad Blocker feature which prevents ads from loading on websites as well as any pop-up ads that may try to come up.


UC Mini browser has started to become a crowd favorite due to its tiny size. It provided a lot of features despite its tiny size. All the versions of the UC Mini can be downloaded from its official website or you can also find it in the Google Play Store of your android phones. This is the number one browser and it is a must have for all the smartphone users for seamless and fast browsing experience.

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