The updated features of the UC Mini Browser 2018

The year 2018 brought newer features to the UC Mini Browser. It was named the UC Mini Browser 2018 latest version. It came to the market with new features that improved its visibility while the user browses the Net. It is also much faster than in earlier versions.


This Chinese product works both fast and easily and seamlessly. It is considered one of the best products developed by UC Web. This latest version of UC Browser Mini, dated 2018, is created to work on Android devices.


This useful app has a simple interface and is feature-rich to offer a seamless browsing experience in diminutive packages. It is similar to the fuller version of UC Browser but this version is packed with several powerful and impressive features. Its small size, however, is not a deterrent to it. Instead, it is a huge asset as this mighty browser works intelligently, smoothly and efficiently with all its features.

In this version, a significant number of features were upgraded. They are:


Updated Features of UC Mini browser 2018 latest version:


  • Autopager: This feature is generally seen on social media sites where the user can scroll down to the bottom of the page. Here, the user can see archived posts. This means that he can check all the information on one page as he moves the mouse downwards.


Automatically, more pages get loaded. This is seen in UC Mini Browser 2018 latest version too. Here, this feature has been integrated into the browser, so the user does not need to go to any other section as the pages will be loaded automatically in the appropriate section.

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  • Beta version of Speed Mode: This feature refers to the kind of Internet connection the user has. Depending on whether the user has installed 3G or 4G and the speed of the Net in their mobile phones, the information on his phone will be received by him.


Add to this also the speed of the Net and mobile technology installed which will go to give him a suitable version of the Web page. This opens really fast which is a boon for all users.


  • Cloud Synchronization Technology: This technology comes into play when one uses several web applications for entertainment or work. It is generally used for bookmarks and tabs where it works to sync all important web apps on the desktop so that one can work simultaneously on a single section and multitask too.


  • Lightweight and Portable: In its 2018 version, it is lightweight, comfortable to use and portable.


  • Unique Browsing Experience: Due to its impressive bouquet of features, the UC Mini Browser 2018 latest version presents a wonderful browsing experience. Despite its low specifications on Android phones, it has the fastest loading time and several unique features in its tiny package.


  • Smart Downloading: It offers smart downloading feature also.


  • Minimal Storage Space: It works smoothly and has very low storage capacity. This app offers the finest browsing experience and smart loading capacity.


  • App Design: The UC Mini Browser 2018 latest version is very well-designed to offer a smooth experience with sufficient information.


  • Good Administrator: It is an effective administrator which works to improve the user’s skills. With the right amount of help and guidance, the user can work on his weaknesses and improve his skills.


  • Free of Cost: This version of the UC Mini Browser is free of cost for everyone and is specially engineered for use on all mobile platforms.


  • Available Worldwide: It is the only web browser meant for all mobile platforms that’s not only available all over the world but is also downloaded in smart phones in every country.


  • Navigation Cards: Navigation cards on the browser’s home page helps the user switch from one website service to another with great ease. For example, if the user is on the cricket page and wants to switch to the stocks page, he can do it thanks to the navigation cards present here.



The UC Mini Browser’s brand new menu of distinguished features and capabilities help users function easily and in a more attractive manner. Due to this, it allows users to work in speed mode (extremely fast), to get the latest downloads and refer to History when required.

It is capable of offering users several options such as Quick Search for using data and for a good browser experience on Android devices.


With the help of this app, users can reach the top in performance offline.

Being sleek, modern and sophisticated, the UC Mini Browser is easily the best browser for all Android users and devices. Though its appearance may not be like those of other competitive browsers, yet it is capable of offering the best browsing experience.

The two highly popular features of Night Mode where you can use the phone in a dark environment and Incognito where you can work invisibly. Because of the extreme popularity of UC Browser, UC Web launched a version just like it, called UC browser Mini.


When compared with its size, UC Mini Browser has several add-ons and is the case with all UC Web versions, this one too is offered free of cost. It is generally found in all operating systems. Because it has all the distinguished features of the UC family, it is ranked among the top web browsers. It is optimised so that when you search for a particular page in any search bar, the website gets compressed.

One more important point concerning UC Mini Browser is that if you open a particular page in its search bar, it uses only 2 MB of data. However, if you do the same with Google search, it would use 5 MB data. This makes the UC web browser very economical.

Lastly, it is capable of giving you music or a video experience the moment you begin downloading the software on your mobile device.


These few features make the UC Browser Mini 2018 latest version absolutely unique. For these reasons, it is used comfortably and confidently all over the world and its user graph is always on the rise. Today, over 500 million users worldwide use this web browser for their work and entertainment.


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