UC Mini Browser for iPhone

Apple is such a brand name that it probably does not need any introduction. They are the best in business and provide the best mobiles both for India and a foreign country. The developers of iPhone are Apple Inc., and it uses an operating system IOS. This device is compatible with the world’s leading browsing software known as UC browser. The APK of UC-browser-mini-iPhone/is built in such a way that it solves the problem of slow browsing which can get annoying sometimes. The UC browser is the leading mobile internet browser with more than 400 million users across 150 million different countries and regions. This browser is currently available on all major operating system and in 7 different languages.

The IOS user interface is built around the body of the iPhone touch screen with a virtual keyboard. It has endless possible features and you can do almost, anything and everything with your Apple iPhone. The developers of iPhone have developed several incredible features for instant video games, reference works, social networking, play music, send and receive mail, web browsing, GPS navigation, notes recording, visual voicemail, etc and it is one of the expensive phones of the mobile industry. With the help of UC browser mini, the downloading, internet surfing and browsing become simpler and faster as the UC browser allows to do multiple tasks at the same time.

Features of UC Browser Mini:

The UC Browser Mini has several unique features for IOS. There is a reason that this browser is the leading browser in the world. So let’s look at all the features it provided to iPhone:

  • It gives the user a customized experience. The app is specially designed for saving mobile data by compressing data that you are sending and receiving. This is what makes this a very user-friendly browser.
  • It downloads data at a great speed and it automatically resumes downloading if it gets canceled due to an external problem. the download page provides a quick status about the storage in your device. It also updates you about the status of the file already downloaded and also the running files. The video downloader provides the facility to download and save videos for viewing offline.
  • It comes in a tiny package which allows smooth installation in your Apple iPhone.  This browser automatically removes and fixes web bugs in order to provide better browsing on the mobile.
  • It has an amazing feature known as Adblocker. It prevents ads from loading on websites as well as any pop-up ads that may try to come up. you can take a look at the number of ads that have been blocked in total as well as the number of ads that have been blocked from each website. You can even choose to reset the statistics if needed.
  • The browser has a customizable homepage called cards where the users can access all the contents. It has in-app widgets which are basically the ability to display all the widgets on the home screen of the phone. The in-app widgets can also be manually sorted as per the user’s own liking. They can also be customized as per the user’s liking. The users can also rearrange the in-app widgets in the order they choose. There is a wide variety of cards to choose from such as headlines, jokes, top sites, trending videos, shopping and much more.
  • The problem related to the right page issue is also fixed and now the user can visit the page by typing and there is no need to worry about moving to the wrong page. It also has several inbuilt themes which allow you to customize your iPhone.
  • It provides a useful feature of quick access. This feature allows the users to have a persistent search bar along with shortcuts to their social media accounts, newsfeed, camera, etc. The user can customize the shortcuts as lee their liking. This is probably the most useful feature of this browser.
  • It is a Facebook-friendly browser and you can turn on a Facebook notification while you are browsing through Facebook. The Facebook Mode which accelerates your Facebook regardless of the status of your network. Always find a way to increase the speed of your network.
  • It allows lightweight user experience and relieves the user from frozen apps. It allows the user to have fast and seamless web browsing where search results appear instantly, with quick access to socialization, web search and entertainment.
  • It also has quick access to cricket score for all the cricket fans. It provides live scores and results when searched for it.
  • The UC Browser has an integrated download manager of its own which is quite advanced. The user can do a whole lot of things like themaximum number of simultaneous downloads, specify the target folder and choose whether or not they wish to be prompted before a download is started. The user can choose to enable or disable auto recollect for a file download in case the download fails. The user can also enable or disable the downloaded file notification on your notification bar.
  • It has a night mode which enables you to customize the setting of your phone from day to night. This feature provides easy and comfortable reading even at night.
  • It also has a small window mode. This mode allows you to watch a video and place the video in any corner of your screen. This feature is known as multi-window because you can also browse, chat and do any other thing while watching the video.
  • It supports various gestures which makes browsing much faster and easier. The user can swipe right and left to go backward and forward respectively. The user can also increase and decrease the brightness by swiping up and down on the left or right side. It also recommends the best and the appropriate sites for several topics such as fashion, games, entertainment, etc.


After discussing all the features we can now come to the conclusion that UC Browser has worked too hard to come to this position. It is one of the leading browsers. The combination of the world’s best mobile brand with the world’s best browser is just awesome. So if you are looking for a new compatible browser for your iPhone then uc-browser-mini-iphone/ is perfect for you.

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