UC-Mini App

Download now UC mini, UC browser and UC news app latest version for Android mobile from below link –



Current Version:

Requires: Android 2.1 and above

 Size: 1.5 MB

Downloads: 15547435

Category: Browsing

Updated: Nov-2016

Licence: Free

Download Management : inbuilt in V10.0

Search : Text based

Bug : online bug fix

Stylish UI : new look ui

Access : Quick search of website


uc mini the website browser application is one of the lightest browser with great facility. The size of uc mini is just 1.5Mb so if you are using low space mobile then this browser is the best option for you.

Feature of ucbrowser mini

Speed : when we search on uc  browser it try to make stable connection of your device so that it allows the browser open smoothly.

Algorithm of search: as soon as we type on address bar its show the relevant search topic which is also calls instant search.

System viewers : access other system by UC Berkeley  you do not need proxy server to access other system.

Data Compression : as soon as we write in address bar of browser the browser compress the website and show the website. So that less data is consumed.

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