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Download now UC mini, UC browser and UC news app latest version for Android mobile from below link –


uc browser Protect your privacy by leaving no trace in your system

Are you looking to browser private web page? Do you want to remove your private search from system history?

Step-by-step use of  incognito window

First you need to installed uc browser in your system >> To download and Installted open website www.ucmini.co.in in your browser >> click on download links.

Go to your download folder >> click on APK >> it will start installing in your system >> click on agree term and condition.

Your browser is installed in your system >> Go to window stat button >> uc browser >> two option will be shown >> 1. New window. 2 . New  incognito window

Click on New incognito window >> now you are ready to browse private website like hot sites, game sites etc. no one can find any track.

Feature of uc browser

  1. No track back record will be available in browser history.
  2. No track record of your search history
  3. Even no cookies will be present in history means no one know what you have surfed in interment.

You can save file which you have download via uc incognito window.

You can bookmark your private  website which will be visibal in your incognito window only.


Note :Bosskey is not activated (You can press the shortcut to hide browser window conveniently)

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