UC Mini Browser new 2.3.6 Latest Version

UC Browser, one of the leading browsers for internet surfing, has developed a UC mini version of itself. The latest variant of this is their 2.3.6 version for Android and iOS. Needless to say that this is taking the market by storm and for obvious reasons. In this article, we will be exploring the features and benefits of using the UC browser new 2.3.6 version of UC Mini Browser.

Features and benefits of the UC Mini browser new 2.3.6 version for all operating systems:

UC Browser is currently one of the most-used browsers in the country. If you use a smartphone powered by Android or iOS, then you are probably well acquainted with this particular name. However, UC Mini is different from UC Browser in more ways than one. One of the main features of this browser is that it is platform independent. It can work on any smartphone with minimum memory requirements and still accomplishes in providing the user with all the facilities that it boasts of.

Tiny size:

While the parent version of this mini gem of around 46 MB, this one itself is around the size of 9.8 MB. From the difference in their sizes, it is evident that the latter brings with it a huge advantage in terms of saving memory. Owing to this, the users with not-so-advanced devices can easily use UC Mini’s 2.3.6 version. This particular feature of this browser has advantages of its own. We will soon be taking a good look into them.

Facebook Video Downloader:

Yes, you heard me right. If you are accustomed to using Chrome to access Facebook, then you must have noticed that you cannot really download videos to your device from Facebook. In fact, you cannot download the videos from the Facebook app, too. You can save them on your Facebook page, but not download them for offline purposes. However, with UC Mini’s 2.3.6 version, you can. This is a huge plus for users who frequently use this social media platform. Given the popularity of Facebook, this feature easily draws in a different fan base!

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Browsing gets faster( irrespective of the RAM in your device):

This is yet another advantage of this version. The size of the browser plays a major role in this feature. Where your browser used to take minutes(or a few seconds) to load a page, this little hero does it in the blink of an eye. In the age of rat races and fast-ticking clocks, the 2.3.6 version of UC Mini finds itself on demand.

Quick Search:

With the quick search feature, users can now search for what they need, easily, without unwanted hassles. The browser uses smart results to help one look for the required information in no time. The smart results are prompted by following the trends in the search history of the user.

Night mode facilities:

If you are nocturnal, you might know the trouble of reading something online owing to the screen light that falls directly on your face(and on the face of your very agitated partner!) and ends up hurting your eyes. With UC Mini, you can say goodbye to headaches and your partner’s annoyance for it allows you to switch to night mode. This was specially designed to ensure that your eyes don’t hurt from the brightness of your screen and you can bury your mind deep into the article that you are reading.

Data Saving:

Here is another advantage that the size of the mini version brings to you. Data saving is almost as good as giving you extra data and UC Mini does this well. With its compact design and efficient algorithms, it ensures that your data pack is not exhausted while simply scrolling through Google. This gives it a huge upper hand against other browsers, including its parent browser.

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It blocks advertisements:

We are all well acquainted with advertisements, owing to the incredible amount of annoyance that they leave behind. To help you get rid of this bitter after taste of ads, UC Mini browser new 2.3.6 version has an ad blocker included in its features. You can simply block the incoming advertisements by changing your settings. This enhances your experience on the web.

My Videos:

This option is for all the people who can spend hours watching videos. This feature enables you to watch short videos that are brought to you by the browser itself. Want to have fun? You can simply let your browser take care of it!

Save the pages you like the most:

We often come across pages or articles that we like a lot. However, we never really know how to save these. The most that we can do with other browsers is to keep the page open on a separate tab. However, UC Mini brings with it a different strategy. With them, you can simply save the page you like, without keeping all those unnecessary, clumsy tabs open.

Go full-screen:

Most of the browsers do not provide this facility. However, needless to say, that this has always been our secret desire, especially while watching a really important video( read: Game of Thrones!) when the top bar peeks in between an important scene. UC fulfills this wish by allowing its users to go full-screen while doing something online.

Conclusion of using UC Mini browser new 2.3.6:

With each new version bettering the previous, UC continues to climb up the ladder to its zenith. It’s version 2.3.6 stands as evidence to its evolution from a startup to one of the leading companies in the world now. Their customer experience has been great and is becoming better with the launch of every new version of their products. Quite reasonably, this is one of the most-used browsers around us now.

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