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UC Browser mini unique features

UC Browser mini Download with unique features

UC Browser by UCWeb occupies almost half the market of mobile web browsers in India. The latest version of UC browser mini has some stupendous features to its credit that makes it stand in contention with the best that the overall business has to offer.

First of all, the in-app widgets – or cards as they are called – make the new customizable home page of the browser. You can manually sort and place these cards as per your preference. There is a wide range of cards for the users – from news, business and jokes to trending videos, sports and shopping and much more. Isn’t it just too awesome?

The integrated download manager of UC browser allows you perform multiple simultaneous downloads without the speed getting affected at all. You could even enable or disable the auto-reconnect option, in order to ensure that the downloading resumes on its own in case of an interruption in connection. The tidy file manager sorts your downloaded material based on the file types. The manager even tracks the amount of empty space your mobile is left with in a real-time manner.

And of course, you could view the downloaded videos offline later, a feature which is unique and special to UC mini. The ad blocker feature shields your browsing experience from the wrath of unwanted ads that pop up every now and then. The quick access feature gives you live social media feed and the ability to take an impromptu action such as post, comment, like or share.

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Your browsing becomes absolutely focused and sleek with the Text only mode of UC mini. This feature works only on mobile data and turns off as and when you switch to Wi-Fi.

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