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uc browser mini for pin bookmarks to homescreen

UC Browser Mini is an alternative browser. It is the browser which works very smoothly. It is the third party android app. UC Browser Mini for android provides you a fast and smooth web surfing experience. It is totally a free app. It is finally a browser that actually works very fastly. It is the coolest browser. It has many powerful download function. The download will not stop even if you run the browser in background. You can share links and download files.

In this uc browser mini the QR Code scanning makes it easier to get information. It is the free web mobile browser. Whatever you will download from this app or browser will just complete in few seconds. Uc browser mini is definitely the most popular web browser in the World. It is the smartest downloader. We can also say that it has the smartest downloading system. It is a smarter browser.


It has the smart network adaptation technology. It has the powerful download management function. It supports the speed mode for fast browsing with less data usage. Speed mode compresses webpages, making their size much smaller. Saving on big on time and data usage.


For a different way to enter URLs, there is the QR code Scanner. Using the phones camera, the QR Code Scanner can read a QR code and instantly take you to it’s URL.


It is also the one of the main and interesting feature of uc browser. For a convenient new way to scroll the page, there is the ability to use your phone’s volume buttons to navigate up and down webpages.

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For access to your favourite websites fast, there is the ability to create shortcuts on the home screen, so you get to your favourite content with just one click.

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