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UC Browser mini download

Happy Downloading with UC Browser mini !

What is a great way to download your huge, important files when the mobile internet is slow? It’s using the ucmini-download . In case of slow connections, downloading a file to your phone could become a big cause for worry. You also end up losing a big chunk of your mobile data plan, probably without the download being successfully accomplished.

No worries, Cloud computing technology is here to help! The Cloud Storage and Cloud Downloading features of UC mini together ensure that you don’t miss out on downloading huge and important files when it matters the most.

Cloud download enables you to park your download at the cloud based server of UC browser for a temporary time frame. Later on, when the data plan is working well or you are back to using the Wi-Fi, you could complete the actual download. Isn’t it just too awesome that UC mini Browser gifts you 2 GB permanent cloud storage space with an add-on of 4 GB temporary cloud storage? Of course it is!

What else? Well, go ahead and claim your free 6 GB of cloud storage space and forget about the hassle of downloading files any longer, because the problem no longer exists!

You always have the option to go ahead with the usual download, so never think that cloud download could ever become a hurdle to your usual download process! The most important benefit of cloud downloading is that you never need to worry about whether or not you forget the original download link, because you would have already parked the file in the cloud server. Doesn’t it simply add a feather to your cap as far as solving the issue of interrupted downloading is concerned? Indeed, it does!

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