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UC browser download install fast free APK app for Android

UC browser mini free download for android; Things to know

For those using low budget smartphones with limited specifications, UC Browser Mini remains the best option for fast browsing. The app is very light in size and loads remarkably fast. This makes browsing a nicer experience for everyone.Buffering is something which we all hate. No one ever likes to browse with buffering. In fact, people tend to leave due to continuous buffering. This browser will help you skip buffering while browsing.

Fast downloads: UC Browser mini APK gives you decent speed while downloading. You can download anything – videos, files, apps and more; from the internet quite fast. The speed is really impressive as it takes very little time for the same. Recent experiments and tests prove the browser to be 40% faster compared to other browsers.

Quicker Uploads: Not only downloads but also the uploading also is faster. You can enjoy a better experience for sure. This makes the browser ideal for using social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter among many others. The same is the case with video sharing networks like YouTube. You can upload photos/images or videos to these sites quite fast. You can also update the status on social networks.

More browsing, less data

Less data consumption is another advantage you will enjoy with UC browser download install for android mini free phones. Having built on latest data compression technologies and techniques, the browser uses minimum data. The more you browse, the more data you save. This is the policy which the browser follows.

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Key features

The tiny sized browser performs exceptionally well and gives you a better experience while browsing. No doubt, the browser remains a great option for those using low budget smartphones with limited storageand minimal specifications.There are various features which make this tiny sized browser more attractive. They include the following. These features make the browser more desirable.

  • Navigation Cards
  • Fast Browsing
  • Smart Downloading
  • Control Videos with Gestures
  • Incognito Browsing
  • Night Mode
  • More to Discover

What makes UC Browser mini ideal for your smartphone?

UC Browser mini becomes the ideal browser for Android smartphones. The browser is good for browsing even on slow networks. The browser works comfortably well even on slow networks and gives you decent speed while browsing. Yet the most important feature that attracts thousands of users is nothing but its little size.


Updated:  November, 2017

Size : 1.5 MB (Varies with device)

Download Security : Yes

Updates : Frequently

Current Version : for window 7 and above, Varies upon system

Requires : Android, java, Window 8 and above

Safety: more secure privacy mode

Navigation : intuitive

Interface : minimalist interface

Help : online support, forum

Cost : free to download

Tutorial : online tutorial and support

How to download install old and new version of UC browser

  1. Firstly go to www.ucmini.co.in
  2. After that click uc browser
  3. Then download UC browser APK for Android 2017 new version and old version.


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