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UC Browser download 

  • Developed by UCWeb and is owned by Chinese Company Alibaba.
  • Available in India for android, windows, symbian,IOS,Blackberry
  • The Best and Most downloaded browser in India.


  1. Data Compression:
  • Uses data compression technology for faster web browsing.
  • Data compression reduces data consumption while users are browsing.
  1. Background Downloading:
  • It allows faster and background downloading.
  • Provides a built-in download manager which is used to save and play videos offline.
  1. Cloud System:
  • It uses cloud system using which you can store your data and information on an online storage which can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Uses cloud boost technology which allows faster loading of web pages.
  1. Download Manager:
  • Has an integrated download manager which allows (1-6) downloads simultaneously
  • We can pause and resume the download according to our requirement.
  1. Night Mode:
  • It makes it easier on your eyes at night.
  • If you use your phone regularly at night for reading or browsing, this browser will make your eyes feel relaxed and comfortable.
  • It will protect your eyes from getting damaged.
  1. Ad Blocker:
  • Ad Blocker prevents the ads from popping up when you are browsing any websites.
  • Users will not face any disturbance while surfing the internet using UC mobile browser.
  1. Quick Access:
  • The Quick Access feature of UC browser allows many notifications such as Cricket, Facebook.
  • It also allows Google quick search bar on the notification screen which allows faster searching of contents.
  1. U-Disk:
  • If you have less storage capacity on your disk, this feature allows you to store data on the cloud.
  • When you sign-up for UC Cloud, you get 6 GB of storage on the cloud storage. 2 GB of permanent storage and 4 GB of temporary storage.
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