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How do I update my UC mini Browser in my PC?

I have download UC mini browser in 2017 but now I want to update my UC Browser for the latest version lost in 2018 so where do I get this information and how do I download the latest version for my PC?

Answer: UC Browser is one of the fastest growing web browser application for PC as well as mobile known for his speed and accuracy. UC Browser official website have information about updates the latest version of 2018. Below I am telling the process how to update your UC mini browser. Just follow the following steps to make it..

  • Open the UC Mini web browser
  • Click the control and customise button in the upper right hand corner of the screen it will open a drop down menu go to the about uC mini browser.
  • It will show you the current versions of your browser and it has option to automatically update the current version of UC mini but somehow if it not updating then you have to click on the update now button which is present in the setting of UC mini.
  • If still not updating it means you have to remove your UC mini browser and then reinstall the latest one.

So below are the steps which help you to get the latest updated web browser in your PC if you are facing some other problem related to u c Mini browser you can mail us so that we can further provide you the solution for the web based related support.

How to download the updated version of this browser?
To download updated version of UC mini browser you need to visit the official website or you need to click the below links for download the updated version which is released in 2018.

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Latest version uc mini download

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