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Download now UC mini, UC browser and UC news app latest version for Android mobile from below link –


Download UC Browser Mini – Smooth APK for Blackberry free.

Why UC Mini?

It is great to have alternatives: Some sites works very well with the blackberry 10 built-in browser while some do not. Having an alternative mobile browsing app makes it easy to get access to all websites on mobile
It is cheaper and more affordable: If you have gone through our previous article on Blackberry 10 data bundle plans and prices, you will agree with me that Blackberry data subscription have changed from what it used to be in the past, UC mini is very budget friendly when using “pay as you go” or regular data bundle subscription.

It is very light: The opera mini and UC mini next version attached in this article for download is very light and doesn’t bug your blackberry 10 device memory as most android apps do. Web pages load faster on UC mini browser.
How to Install UC Mini on a Blackberry 10 Smartphone and/or Device

Installing UC mini apk and/or any other compatible android application on a blackberry 10 smartphone and/or devices is as easy as completing the steps below –

Download the UC mini apk (on PC or mobile phone) from the links provided below
Send the downloaded apk to your blackberry 10 device (if not downloaded directly with the bb)
Enable installation of “apps from other sources” by ==> going to settings ==> App Manager ==> Installing Apps and turn it on
Click on the UC mini apk (or any other android apk) file to install
UC Mini Apk for Blackberry 10

UC mini was famous for its speed and lightness and was very popular among smart phone users like a few years ago.

I picked the latest copy that worked best with my bb10 device and uploaded it so you can download and install for your blackberry 10 smart phone and/or device.



download Link: Get UC Mini apk for bb10 here or here.

UC Mini Apk for Blackberry 10

If you aren’t too sure of UC mini  or hearing about it for the first time, you can go for the regular UC mini mobile browser using the download link below.

UC Mini Apk for Blackberry download link: Go here to get it or get it from One Drive Mirror.

More Tips

Other versions of UC mini for bb10: you can download other versions of UC mini apk but do note that the versions uploaded in this article were carefully selected and doesn’t lag on blackberry 10 devices
For older operating systems (OS): If your blackberry smartphone isn’t listed above, it is likely an older device – you can download UC mini for it from the blackberry app world or from http://www.ucmini.co.in
Videos and Media support?: You aren’t going to get lots of media (video) support while browsing with UC mini, but pages and download goes faster, lighter with it.
When will UC mini for bb10 be on the app world?: We will update this post with the official link once this happens

UC Mini Download for all Blackberry Devices

You can use the tips below to get the best UC mini version for your blackberry smart phone irrespective of blackberry OS 10, 7, 5 or even lower archived versions.

All you need do is follow the steps below and test run after each download to see what works best for your blackberry device.

After trying out UC web browser, default blackberry browser and the UC mini browser on the blackberry app world, I felt very bad because non of it could fit in perfectly for the blackberry 9720 (curve 8) phone.

Then I implored these tips to get a one that neither lags nor takes a long time to open pages. Note that this will work on all blackberry devices including newer OS versions.

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