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UC mini download and install

Install the fastest browsing software UC mini which is a chinese browser developed by UC web. It is a tiny sized browser come with a faster browsing experience. It gives you fast and smooth browsing on your concerned devices and also offers you an opportunity to download multiple files like music, games, videos etc at the same point of time in a smart and fast way and it conveniently manages all the files in your mobile. This UC mini is a light weight browser which suits your device better than any ordinary browser and also saves lot of your data usage or data consumption and hence is the best mobile browser for you.


UC mini browser is packed with many outstanding features which makes it lead in the market. Lets discuss some of the main features like Download manager, Full screen video, Speed mode, Night mode facility, Incognito browsing, Optimized layout, QR code scanning, Top and bottom buttons, Navigation cards and many more..

1- Download manager- It allows you to download many files at a faster rate with high speed with convenient file management.
2- Full screen video- UC mini has a feature of full screen video which support full screen online video playing.
3- Speed mode- It enables faster web browsing and net surfing. Web pages load faster with up to 90 percent of compression.
4- Night mode facility- This feature offers you a unique night browsing mode which helps you in protecting your eyes from strain in the dark or at night.
5- Incognito Browsing- You can browse privately with out leaving any sort of mark or trace.
6- Optimized layout- Web pages are specially optimized for the screens of mobiles.
7- QR code scanning- Enter URLs in a different way by scanning QR codes.
8- Top and bottom buttons- These buttons are provided by UC mini to reach the top or bottom of the web page immediately when you scroll long page.
9- Navigation cards- It helps to get the local contents like games, cricket, videos etc at your navigation. It is to note here that the facility of navigation cards is for India only

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