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9apps APK app download for android mobile


9Apps is a popular mobile app store which has a variety of apps related to games, news, entertainment and many more. It is founded almost three years ago in the year 2013 and today it has millions of android users around the world from many countries like India, Russia, Indonesia and many more. With 9apps, you can enjoy the experience of funny, creative and diverse android games, apps and music etc of high quality and never get bored as you mobile or smart phone make your life full of colors and wide variety as here on 9app you can download thousands of free android applications, HD wallpapers and games. On 9app you will find the most addictive and interesting apps of internet world.

Latest news- In January, 2016 9Apps released the data analysis products and services trends and this focus to provide multi dimension ranking, query tools etc to the developers and other professionals and after one month i.e. in Feb. 2016, it announced the replacement of new logo. The new logo took the number nine as the graphics core and increases a conceptual image of an eagle to emphasize on its brand identity- fast and young. In March during ICC, 9Apps came up with a special edition of app store popularly known as wonder shake. In May, 2016, 9Apps launched a InDev program which is of twenty million dollar and the program was launched to support medium as well as small independent developers.

This app store is very small in size, it is less than one mega byte and therefore it takes a couple of seconds to download and also consumes very little space of your device. The operating system of this tiny sized app store is android.

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This free app store lets you download many apps for your android phone and to download anything from 9Apps, you can search your desired app as the app store is separated by categories that made your search easy and hassle free. Today 9app is one of the famous app stores available on internet today as it has many useful apps in it.

This is a trendy app and people attracts towards it as it has many outstanding features and that’s why its popularity is increasing day by day because almost every internet user wants to have it in their Smartphone or android. Also, the developers of the app constantly making efforts to add the app store with new and exciting features and also to update the existing features so that it’ll be more convenient for the users to use the app.

Let us show you how it functions to give you a better understanding of the app. From the main screen of the app store, you will find various filters where there are wallpaper and ringtones available for you and you can download any of them which you like. Also, you are given an option of search by category that allows you to find everything just by typing the name of your desired item.

Features of 9Apps install

why 9appsThe app has many advantageous features that attract lot of users worldwide. Let’s discuss some of its major features that give you a better understanding of the app store.

The very first important point of 9Apps is that it has hundreds of categories that helps users in searching a desirable app and it the filters available in the app enables you to get better results, Next important feature is it is smaller in size and due to tiny in size it consumes a very little space of your phone, The recommendations list get daily update and you will always get new and latest things from it that is interesting also. You will find a lot of exciting games, apps, ringtones, wallpapers etc with professional recommendations. The app store also offers you concise interface and smooth operation that lets you enjoy the superb experience of downloading, Along with this it has more than 200K of free resources that is waiting for you which you can download as well as share.

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Downloading conditions-

If you wish to download 9apps in your device then you to fulfill the following conditions. The android version of your device should be 2.3 or more as it requires the same and the operating system of your device should be compatible with that of 9Apps.


9Apps has separated in categories to make your search easier. Let us tell you about different available files by category.

App Categories- Utility, media, productivity, music, photography, personalisation, internet tools etc.

Games Categories- Arcade, Action, Puzzle, Racing, Shooting, Sports.

Ringtone Categories- Original, Funny, Classical, Instrumental, Remix, Sound effects etc.

Wallpaper Categories- Nature, Love, Romantic, animals, Car, Beach, Children etc..

Download through APK-

Download this free and advantageous app through APK by the header or footer options of our site and avail the amazing benefits of the app store from your android. The size of APK is not big and you can install it in a blink of an eye and enjoy the joy of free apps that are downloaded at a very high speed. Today it has over lakhs of downloads. So what are you waiting for?

After knowing about these awesome features, just download it as soon as possible.


9apps reviewsThe feedback or reviews we get through our users are beyond nice. All the users of 9Apps APK feels very satisfied by downloading the free and tiny sized app store in their device as in the small app they are getting a huge variety of games, apps, music, photography and other utilities. Users considered it as a good tool to download their desirable multimedia content directly to android for instance wallpapers, ringtones, games and apps etc.

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The above discussion helps you a lot in installing and using the free app store. It is one of the best app we ever had in our android and hence there is no point to not install it in the phone because neither it costs anything from its users nor it takes so much of space of your device. Rather it is a beneficial app that helps you in downloading several apps and games that you always desire to download. So guys hurry up and get installed the free app in to your smart phone now.

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